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3Lane Self Checkout

‿•‿ Old Folks Ass performance series 2022 #3
3Lane Self Checkout – An evening of three performances about taking care of your self.
LANE ONE – Belgian based choreographer and dancer Meytal Blanaru Presents Rain, a solo dance performance exploring the complex terrain of abuse with modesty and generosity.
LANE TWO – Tāmaki Makaurau based multimedia artist Gabriel White and performance maker Stephen Bain present Soft Capital, a video and text performance about navigating your self through a soft city.
LANE THREE – Aotearoa based musical maestro Hermione Johnson scores Maya Deren’s classic film Meshes of the Afternoon, an avant-garde cyclical classic shot in 1943.
Three lanes of self-care in one rich performance at the Old Folks Ass.
$20 cash at the door
$18.50 from Undertheradar (from 18 Nov)
8 Dec
7.30pm start
(Doors open at 7pm)
Meytal Blanaru is a Brussels based choreographer and dancer, this is her first ever performance in Aotearoa. She has toured internationally for the past decade including recent choreographic projects with Scottish Dance Theatre and upcoming Icelandic Dance Company. Rain was created in 2020 is an autobiographical piece that speaks openly about a difficult experience of sexual abuse.
(Duration 25 mins)
“A masterpiece of finesse, humble and simple at the same time. The most beautiful of resilience. And all this, with infinite modesty, great generosity. Thank you.” – Ballroom Online
“Rain serves as a feminist reflection, for the deconstruction of the masculine and patriarchal gaze.. It has something raw, coming from the depths of the soul and body, which grabs us violently. It is an experience, as a spectator, which cannot really be told: it is felt, experienced, fully”. – Happen.fr
“A hypnotic show … Vulnerable and delicate writing” – Toutlaculture.com
“… As the trauma overcomes, she humbly rediscovers her body. And we find it even more admirable in its exposed fragility” – larevueduspectacle.fr​
“Fascinating. The body becomes the place where an intimate heartbreak is written, transcribed and relived…” – iogazette.fr
Soft Capital is a new performance by multimedia artist Gabriel White and performance maker Stephen Bain. Combining text, video and field recordings they journey through bus lanes, malls, and back alleys, searching for a second self within the mythical wastelands of the city.
(Duration 40 mins)
Gabriel White is a filmmaker and musician from Auckland, Aotearoa. Selected video works are available online at Circuit Aotearoa https://www.circuit.org.nz/artist/gabriel-white. He has produced albums with Spacesuit and Floral Clocks, published photography, poetry and essays in several publications including Landfall NZ. His feature film Oracle Drive was screened in the Auckland International Film Festival. Recent live performances include Strange Ancestors (Q), Countdown Mountain (Pah Homestead), and Ten Bass Drums with Chris O’Conner (Audio Foundation).
Stephen Bain has directed and designed many original plays and performances. In the past 10 years he has been specifically engaged in public-space performances including audio interventions, theatrical shows and interactive installations presented in Western European countries and throughout New Zealand including The Floating Theatre and The Drifting Room. He is currently working on community projects and public space performances.
Hermione Johnson melds improvisation and textural innovations to score Maya Deren’s classic 1943 surrealist film Meshes of the Afternoon.
Hermione Johnson has developed a singular and captivating presence in underground, composition and jazz communities, honing her craft on organs and prepared pianos. She has gained an international reputation for her dynamic and highly technical style of playing which explores the many timbral qualities of the piano, drawing out a world of voices that she sets against each other in contrasting patterns and phrases in different registers.
Ukranian-born American experimental film maker Maya Deren (1917 – 61) was a choreographer, dancer, film theorist, poet, and photographer. Meshes of the Afternoon is one of the most influential experimental films from the avant-garde in American cinema history.
Deren described that Meshes “…is concerned with the interior experiences of an individual. It does not record an event which could be witnessed by other persons. Rather, it reproduces the way in which the subconscious of an individual will develop, interpret and elaborate an apparently simple and casual incident into a critical emotional experience.”
(Duration 20 mins)