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Mon @ 12:00 pm
Jun 2014

Mosquito Trades__ pt 1

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  Mosquito Trades__ pt 1 an installation by Mark Schroder (May – June 2014). Viewing by invitation.

Thu @ 12:00 pm
Mar 2014

Festival of Uncertainty

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Feasting House invites you to participate in a Festival of Uncertainty. If excellence, market value and profile were set aside … Continue →

Fri @ 7:30 pm
Dec 2013

Plastic Sheep and Lower Bar Collective – Film installation with live music – Free!

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‘Plastic Sheep and Lower Bar Collective live at the old folks ass hall’ – Film installation with live music And … Continue →

Sat @ 7:30 pm
Nov 2013

Nisha Madden

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New work

Thu @ 7:30 pm
Nov 2013

(Insert Life Here) Seekers Dance Collective

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“5 Steps to better work life balance: Does anyone have the answer? Is it not ridiculous that we are striving … Continue →

Fri @ 12:00 pm
Nov 2013

Sharing Waters Performance Series

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‘Sharing Waters’ is a personal all senses encounter with the Baltic Sea through a guided boat tour to Half Moon … Continue →

Sat @ 8:00 pm
Nov 2013

Shoestring Theatre Challenge Version 4

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The concept The spirit of this challenge is to produce a piece of low-budget theatre or performance art, and to … Continue →