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(Insert Life Here) Seekers Dance Collective

“5 Steps to better work life balance: Does anyone have the answer? Is it not ridiculous that we are striving for our idea of what our perfect life would be? In constantly trying to be the best, we often lose sight of what is actually most important on the way. (Insert Life Here) is a half improvised, half devised night of Dance and Drama and all things wonderful. Coming to Gundry Street on November 28th!”

A bit more about who is involved:

Seekers Dance Collective is formed from the graduating 2012 class of UNITEC’s Contemporary Dances program in Auckland. We have performed for many different platforms this year, including – Auckland Arts Festival (Rosebank Road Project) and Short and Sweet Dance.

Seekers Dance Collective members in this project are – Mikayla Thomas, Jeremy Haxton, Grace Woollett, Phoebe Heyhoe (Creative Director) and Kerry Wallis (Producer). On board with this project we have; Actor – Amanda Tito (Acting graduate, Unitec – 2012) and Frankie Sampson (Dance Graduate, New Zealand School of Dance -2012) with special guest Choreographers – Lydia Zanetti and Georgia Giesen.