Spectres of Evaluation

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This is a supplementary description of individual works to be presented at Spectres of Evaluation by the Auckland Old Folks Association

The five independent works will include:

Sean Curham – Performance event Stand up lie down exploring the idea that there is a proximity to art in the most humble activities, in this case standing up and lying down; and that such examples evade exclusivity being activities made (almost) invisible through familiarity.

Mark Harvey – Performance event Hand Hold Job testing out notions of productive labour around the site while holding hands with the artist and performing other modes of physical contact with public participants (where everyone is invited to join in).

Danny Butt and Alex Monteith will work with their collective Local Time <http://www.local-time.net> to explore traditional water sources of the region and engage with custodians of those sources to make appropriate water available for visitors to the site.

Cat Ruka