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Festival of Uncertainty

Feasting House invites you to participate in a Festival of Uncertainty.

If excellence, market value and profile were set aside and money were not an issue,what else might be possible? What projects might emerge and where could art go?

Feasting House seeks projects that foster art as an activity of radical uncertainty.

This is a platform for the entirely unachievable, non viable projects and career death experiments. Art that slips by, that fails to eventuate that lacks quality or craft, that is impossible to find, that plays out in isolation, or in a social crowd; ideas, sketches, hopes, obsessions, all as simply a process of continued and unstoppable practice.

All are invited to help shape the questions, build(or dismantle) the programme in expression of that which cannot be sold, reasserting disruption, risk, boredom and spontaneous collective action.

In March 2014 Feasting House are hosting a four day event. Projects of all descriptions are invited. They may be simply a proposition, or an action, a theoretical hunch or publication. All media and disciplines welcome.

Feasting House will select a programme in support of these goals from submitted proposals.

Proposals deadline 7 Feb 2014
Selection of programme 14 Feb 2014
Festival 20 – 23 March 2014
Old Folks Assoc. Hall, Gundry St, Auckland(NZ)

Please forward submissions to feastinghouse@gmail.com by the 7th Feb 2014