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The temporary suspension of normal proceedings. A hidden place, an alcove. A secret spot. A break from the usual, some time off. An escape, a breather. A bit of a rest, smoko.  A nook, a niche, a cleft. A wee interregnum. An interruption, a pause, a brief respite.

Recess is a a six week residency, open to all artists, makers and writers. It provides an opportunity to create work in a contained space, in a central location, working towards an exhibition in the studio, or a site specific work adjacent to the Auckland Old Folks Coronation Hall.

The Auckland Old Folks Association was founded in 1945 to provide social services for the elderly particularly through fostering gatherings among its members “irrespective of status or creed” in a hall designed for that purpose. The association’s purposes have been extended to support arts and cultural production, with a particular interest in where art practice, research and thought retain a connection to the ordinary demands of being a community. Recess aims to extend and explore that kaupapa to allow artists and creative thinkers to interface with the hall in a new mode and develop ideas and projects in a space that is yet unutilised.

The aim of the residency is to provide artists and makers an enclave to work in, as well as an opportunity to activate the hall in a new way. The studio space is tight, but offers an interesting challenge and unique location to work on one’s creative practice. The residency encourages  participants to respond to the architectural constraints and the hall itself with a specific project, and finish with an exhibition in the space. There is latitude for existing projects but preference will be given to work that has a community focused angle, or responds directly to the hall and OFA kaupapa.

The duration is six weeks including a two-week exhibition period at the culmination of the residency. The studio is currently a blank canvas but the board can assist with chair and desk if needed. The residency is unfunded but free. There is access to the kitchen and a small storage cupboard and wifi is provided.

Recess is open to all artists, emerging and submerging, early or late career.

Proposals can be sent to

Please include documentation your previous work (9 images max), and a short proposal of what you plan to work on during the residency.

The deadline for the current round is 31st July 2024.